Who We are

Manor Management offers professional home and garden solutions with a personal touch. In a nutshell: We take care of a variety of administration, maintenance and repair needs for busy as well as travelling tenants and homeowners in Cape Town. You can use one or a combination of our home and garden services on demand; alternatively, make a short- or long-term arrangement. No task or ask is too big or too small for us.

What We Care About

We care about making sure that your home and garden affairs are in order while you are away or busy, so you can spend time on the things that matter and make you happy. Our goal is to make sure you always return to the same home you know and love, just as you left it. We also care about making sure that your wants and needs are met when it comes to coordinating contracted or scheduled services.

Why We are Different

Our attention to detail, availability and integrity set us apart from similar service providers. We want you to always feel comfortable leaving your home in the hands of professionals who respect your space and your possessions. You can rest assured that superior solutions will be provided should problems arise while you are away. We are always happy to accommodate personalised requests, so please do not hesitate to tell us what you need and how you would like things done.


Home Maintenance

Do you treasure your home, but spend a lot of time away from it? Whether you’re working late or going on holiday, we offer all the services you will ever need to meet your administration and upkeep needs. Use us for anything, from collecting mail to coordinating maintenanceand everything in between..

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Garden Maintenance

Maintaining a garden is a tremendous responsibility. It is a passion for some, but also an exhausting task that most individuals simply do not have the time or patience for. We can help.  Manor Management arranges and oversees gardening, landscaping and pool services for large or small estates. Find out more..

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